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March 2, 2010


HAMMOND, Louisiana — Local officials have been preparing a list of area-specific questions to include in the national census which will be arriving in mail boxes this month.

The extra information will enable the Tangipahoa government to better serve locals by tailoring resources and services to our particular needs.

HAN was able to get a preview of the new “Tangi Census” that residents can expect to receive.


Residents are under no legal obligation to complete the amended forms.

1. Where do you and your family prefer to worship?

  • A. Catholic church
  • B. Galvalume church
  • C. Wal-Mart

2. What most concerns your family?

  • A. Afghan troops in Independence
  • B. Suicide golf cart attacks in Hammond
  • C. The legal confiscation of body parts

3. What is your vote worth to you?

  • A. As a passionate believer in our democracy, my vote is vitally important.
  • B. $20 
  • If you answered B, please enter your name and address below.

4. Do you miss Arden Wells’ election commercials?

  • A. Yes, very much
  • B. Oh yes
  • C. Absolutely

5. How far will you drive for a bottle of wine on Sundays?

  • A. 20 miles or less
  • B. More than 20 miles
  • C. The Piggly Wiggly in Springfield